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Wine list


Selection Champagne de Barfontarc

Cooperative that there is in the village of l’Aube; the south area of champagne district of France
The impression is different from the northern part, it is full-bodied, fruity bouquet and mild.

Barfontarc 〆 2006

¥ 13,000

The current closing champagne is also recommended for a toast. It is well-sweet and acid and has the bouquet of white peach.

Barfontarc Rose


It has smooth texture, a subtle sweetness and suits during meals.

Veuve clcqot Yellow


This yellow label is dry and fresh.

Henri Giraud Esprit

half ¥7,000

It is velvety and moderately fruitiness.

Moet&Chandon Dom Perignon


Dom Perignon is made from the best excellent vintages at all times.

Henri Giraud Fud Chene


It is rich, elegant, full-bodied. Noble taste makes you feel the finesse.

Krug Gran Cuvee


Krug is known as the emperor of champagne. The balance between strong and balmy is perfect by more than 120 kinds of wine.

White Wine

Chablis 2014

Burgundy ¥6,000

It has a sharp acidity and a little fruity aftertaste.

Chablis 1er cru les Vaillons

Burgundy ¥8,000

It smells like green apple and makes you pleasant because of it is balanced with oaky.

Chablis Grand cru Bougros

Burgundy ¥15,000

Grand cru Bougros is a peculiarity of the most fruity in Chablis.


Burgundy ¥16,000

It provides the best balance of acidity, mineral and fruity.

Muscadet Sevre & Maine

Loire ¥6,000

This wine which was matured on lees has a delicious taste.

Sancerre Blanc

Loire ¥6,500

Fresh Sauvignon Blanc smells grapefruits and tropical fruits.

Pinot Gris Schoenenbourg

Alsace ¥12,000

It has elegant acid and spicy flavors which comes after subtle sweetness.

Japanese Koshu

Japan ¥6,500

This nonesuch, has complex flavor is the highest peak of Koshu.

Red Wine

Bourgogne Rouge

Burgundy ¥6,000

It has a fresh and fruity taste.

Hotes Cote De Nuit Prieure

Burgundy ¥7,500

It has softly tannin and cutely acid.

Gevrey Chambertin

Burgundy ¥11,000

It smells like boiled raspberries and has an elegant finish.

Chambolle Musigny

Burgundy ¥16,000

It has a delicate flavor like female and smooth tannins.

Cotes de Bordeaux

Bordeaux ¥6,500

The higher grade cuvee of Chateau Mont Perat is moist and smooth.

Clerc Milon

Bordeaux ¥22,000

It is the fruitiest wine in Pauillac and has sufficient power.

Chateau neuf du pape

Rhone ¥13,000

It smells like blackberries and there is a deeply lingering taste.


Chandon Brut

Glass ¥1,200
Bottle ¥5,500

This sharp sparkling wine is made in the Australia factory of Moët & Chandon, French fine winery.
The finest measure of wine is recommended for a toast and with a meal.

Glass wine

Terrer Matter

Glass ¥800

This wine, used fully ripened grapes which basked in the sun has a tropical taste.

Rare Vineyards

Glass ¥800

The sumptuous wine is made from 45-year-old tree.